You’ve matched on a dating app! Now what’s next?

It’s such a great feeling when you match with someone right? That joy hits differently when it’s a match with someone who you’re already intrigued by. So now you’re just there crossing every finger and toe praying to the Gods that everything goes to plan. It can be a lot of pressure. 

At Melanin Matchmaker we think it is important to ask the right questions after having just matched with someone online. Time is precious and no one has time to waste so it’s best to ask the right questions that will help you determine if you are compatible with them enough to see if you want to go on an actual date. I’m sure none of you want to be meeting up with someone if there is a limited chance of actually getting along, no need for the awkward silences wondering why you’ve wasted an outfit. Life is stressful enough, dates don’t need to be. So we’ve come up with a few questions we think will best help you get to know someone before a date. 

What do you get up to in your spare time?   

This question will allow you to learn a little more about them as well seeing if there are similarities in how you both spend your weekends. Maybe you’ll end up binge-watching a Netflix series together or end up watching a football game. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to this, it’s just to help you get an idea of who they are and if you have the same interests. 

What Makes You Laugh?  

It’s important to have someone in the relationship who can bring lightness and put a smile on your face. Life is full of so many stresses already, the last thing anyone needs is a relationship to feel so serious all the time. This question will give you some insight into their personality and outlook on life. 

What are you looking for here?  

Our previous polls have shown, women in particular want men to be intentional and honest with their intentions. This question allows you to get straight to the point by identifying if both of your intentions are aligned. 

Tell me some of your interests.  

Understanding people’s interests help to get a deeper understanding of that person’s personality. Knowing that you have similar interests may increase the chances of a successful relationship. 

What are your biggest motivators in life right now? Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months? 

This question is important for finding out more about a person’s drive and vision for their life, especially if you’re looking for a go-getter. Use this to understand where they’re at in their life right now and if that matches with you. 

We hope this set of intro questions will help with making your journey to finding love effortless for you but remember there is no perfect way to find someone. These questions may not work for everyone but remember not to be too hard on yourself and trust the process.  

If anyone has questions that have worked for them please share them with us here for consideration for our black dating app.