Why dating apps are a great tool for Black men and women

Black and mixed heritage men and women make up just 13% of the United States population, 4% of the UK population and even less in countries across Europe.

When you consider a huge proportion of that percentage won’t be in your age range, reside within reasonable distance or be your “type” it can makes finding a partner from your race quite a challenge.

This should make online dating, particularly Black dating apps extremely attractive to Black men and women. Here are some reasons why….

1. You have access to people you may not have ever met in real life

Online dating has made the world smaller and brought everyone closer. Essentially you have access to people you may not have normally interacted with in the past. As an overwhelming minority this is a huge advantage, as it increases the likelihood of connecting with someone.

2. Saves time

Our lives are becoming extremely busy and so much of what we do is about convenience and efficiency. Meeting people online saves a lot of time and allows you to communicate with people in the dating app without giving out your mobile number. You can establish if there is an initial spark or observe any green or red flags without wasting too much valuable time and energy.

3. Filters

You have a higher probability of meeting someone who fits your preferences, particularly on a Black dating app like Melanin Matchmaker. With specific filters for height, body type, religion, distance etc, there’s a greater chance of finding someone that fits your preferences.

4. Easy to get started

No need to get dressed up or even leave your house, once you’ve created your profile, you can start finding and connecting with potential matches. It’s also easier for those who can get very nervous or anxious as a dating app can act as an ice breaker so a rapport and comfortability can be established before meeting in person.

Online dating will never replace that spark and chemistry from an initial romantic interaction but conversely there’s also some excitement in receiving that‘You’ve just matched’ notification from a potential match who’s profile you found really attractive.

Ultimately, online dating has its pros and cons but data suggests that meeting people online is the now the most popular way that couples meet and this will inevitably keep growing in an ever evolving tech world.

If you are a minority that wants to date in your race, it is important to leverage this tech to improve the likelihood of finding a partner.