What is black love?

To love or be loved whilst black is one of resilience, right? Because, it’s no secret that black people and people of colour around the world have been oppressed throughout history. Which is why Black love can often be considered as a fight to decolonise our minds as black people from all of the internalised forms of oppression that have become normal daily experiences. In various aspects of our lives as black people we have to go harder but even with love we have to make the conscious effort to go against the, negative stereotypes projected onto us of what love should be and toxic visual representations.

Of course, this is all open to interpretation as everyone has their own experiences of love but one thing, we can all agree is that, black love is powerful, and we as a community need to strive harder to ensure we continuously show black love in a positive light.

We are asked our team to break down the elements of black love and here is what we got

Black Love is – Loving the family – Representation matters, we must be committed to breaking generational flaws and setting the example for future generations to see the beaty of black love.

Black Love is – Loving yourself – This is the biggest flex any of us can have. Truly loving yourself and knowing exactly who you are and the power you possess makes you unstoppable. Together with your husband or wife there is nothing your family can not achieve.

Black Love is – Loving the Black community – A unified community is a force to be reckoned with. Each of us play a part in making this possible and in order to do so we need to love our community enough to make the steps to bring change.

Black Love is – Loving your people – There can be no love of your community without loving your people.

In the wise words of – Zora Neale Hurston…

“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place”

Here at Melanin Matchmaker it is our goal to make sure we all experience the beauty of black love. Why not connect with someone today?