Tops Tips for Getting Matches on Melanin Matchmaker

Are you suffering from dating app fatigue? We know online dating can be overwhelming, with so many faces to swipe through and even more dating apps to choose from, it can be a nightmare trying to navigate through it all. But don’t stress…with a little help from us at the MM matchmaking team, you’ll have all the right gems you need to create an engaging profile with all the right photos to attract your match. So…here’s our suggestions for getting the most out of the Melanin Matchmaker dating app:

Put Your Best Foot Forward

In other words, when selecting photos to best represent yourself, photos with you smiling is your best option. Make sure you’re smiling – no mean mugging lol, no sunglasses, no hats covering your beautiful face and please look at the camera. And lastly fill out your dating profile like you mean it, instead of listing things about yourself, tell stories that gives insight to what you’re all about. This is guaranteed to bring more engagement on the Melanin Matchmaker dating app.

Know the best times to message and what to say

We suggest the best times to send messages on our dating app is between 7 and 10pm.  We also suggest not to just send a message but comment on something in their profile and then follow it up with a related question that kickstarts a conversation. Ideally you should look to move to the next phase – being a phone or video call within 2 weeks of connecting to ensure you keep the momentum going and avoid falling in love with some form of fantasy and prevent yourself from suffering disappointment when you actually meet in person.

Get An Upgrade

Why not sign up for one of our plans, we have 6 different options which offer a wide range of features, each catering to different needs. We recommend exploring our tailored plans to ensure users give themselves the best possible opportunity to connect with people on our app. To learn more about our plans click here.

Whatever options you decide to take from this post, just remember to make the most out of your dating app experience and give it your best shot because after all it needs to be worth it if you’re going invest your time, swiping and messaging people right?