So What Do They Really Think?

A few months ago, we sent out a survey to a pool of men and women asking an array of questions aimed at finding out what men and women really have to say about each other. There are loads of myths and misconceptions out there and haven’t you ever wondered if there is really any truth to them? A huge thank you to everyone who participated and shared their perspective.

In this blog we’ll be sharing with you the responses we got back to some of the most relevant (and some of the more entertaining) questions we asked.

Let’s get into it and we’ll start with the ladies first

At 96%, almost all of the women who participated in the survey agreed that they prefer men to state their intentions from the start. This is an important point for men to take into consideration in when starting a new connection. It’s clear that most women want to make sure both parties are on the same page before getting involved with anyone.

When it came to first dates, there was a mixed opinion on date types, 59% preferred dinner or drinks whilst 41% opted for an activity-based date but one common theme we did find was majority of women preferred to be asked questions. So, fellas remember to choose a date that matches your date’s personality and interests.

And now for the men..

A topic that gets spoken about a lot is how long does it really take for men to know she’s the one…and the verdicts in! 58% of men need 3 months or more to know and 42% know within a month.

And when it came to vulnerability, 21% are afraid to open up, 40% think they’re already vulnerable and 38% wish to be more open and vulnerable. There was a real mixture with this topic but the key thing to remember here is to ask the right questions when you first connect so you know what he’s comfortable with.

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