New Year, New Goals

Hello 2023…

Everyone always starts the year with this New Year…New Me vibe with a bunch of new year’s resolutions that get forgotten after a few weeks or months. Not to say this isn’t a good thing to do but for anyone to see and achieve such goals they need to be intentional with their actions, right?… So, we want to encourage you all to take some time to reflect on the past year and as you think about what went well for you or what didn’t necessarily go too well. We want you to also reflect on your relationship, no matter the length too! Because, as amazing as your relationship may be, it will never hurt to put in some effort to make it even better. Think about how can you strengthen your bond, whether it be by building trust, boosting emotional closeness, and sexual chemistry, or improving your overall connection. And if you’re not in a relationship yet, you can still reflect on what you feel you should prioritise in a relationship, and how you can be the best partner. After all, that relationship is coming this year…We’re speaking everything into existence all of 2023!

Here are your top 5 couple goals for 2023

  1. Make Date Nights a Priority

Try to escape and break out of the robotic cycle of eat, work, sleep and repeat. It’s important to dedicate time to just spending undivided quality time and enjoying your partner’s company. Whether you plan it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, make sure the date is booked in ahead of time and you stick to it. Regular date nights help with keeping couples connected and ultimately lead to greater satisfaction in the relationship.

  1. Understand His/Hers Love Language

The 5 love languages make up the ways that most people like giving or receiving love. If you’re not familiar with your partners and even your own, we encourage you to devote time to finding out with a range of simple questions on from the test.

If there has been a disconnect, taking the test would be a good thing to prioritise this year because your love languages will show you what you and your partner prioritise and truly care about at your core. By understanding each other’s love languages, you’re both more likely to not only feel better understood, appreciated, and valued but love one another better.

Which of these should you be focusing on?

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch
  • Receiving/giving gifts
  1. Set Goals

You may have already achieved goals together already or not but what’s next? What joint goal are you both going to actively work towards achieving this year?

  1. Disagree in a Healthy Way

Have you noticed any negative behaviors you exhibit when in disagreements that you don’t like or need to change? Are you condescending or disrespectful? Do you ever apologise when you’re wrong? Let’s start normalising healthy arguments in relationships, let’s learn to fight fair, avoid name-calling and be polite. You can objectively describe your grievances instead of attacking them.

Listen, arguments in a relationship are inevitable, we just need to learn how to disagree in the right way. And the right way will also be determined by knowing your partner’s triggers and understanding the best way to communicate with them.

  1. Experience life and Make Memories Together

Despite what you’ve already done together over the past year, don’t get complacent. Book the holiday, go to the theatre, take that stay-cation, do it all – well within financial reason. But don’t stop enjoying life together and creating new memories. You’ll have those times to fall back on when the stresses of life get in the way.

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