Is Cuffing Season Still A Thing in 2022?

Are you familiar with cuffing season or the term cuffing? Well, if you’re not here is everything you need to know and how to avoid falling victim to it.

Cuffing season typically begins in Autumn as the weather starts to change and get colder and lasts until it starts to get warmer again in early spring.

Some say the reasons behind this is during the colder months most people enjoy being in the warmth and comfort of their homes and aren’t really motivated to leave their homes to meet up and instead prefer finding someone to spend time with at home.

The actual word “Cuffing” is a term derived from the concept of getting “handcuffed” or tied down to one significant partner. Being ‘cuffed’ essentially refers to when people come to an agreement to form a relationship during the colder months of the year, even though they ordinarily wouldn’t be interested in a commitment.

Relationships formed during so-called “cuffing season” are usually short-term in nature and might not have the same depth as a long-term relationship might but they fill a void of providing short term companionship and comfort during the colder and somewhat tougher months. It saves the wonder of thinking about who your date for Christmas will be right?

Are you looking for bae and conscious of getting cuffed up?

Here are some things to pay attention to or ask yourself. Not that they are necessarily reasons to ring alarm bells but it’s worth knowing what you’re comfortable with and setting boundaries for yourself with anyone you’re dating…

  • Are you going on any dates? Or are you plans mainly centred around staying at home?
  • Do you speak of plans past the winter months?
  • Is there any intimacy past the physical?
  • Do your conversations involve sharing emotions or do they remain surface level conversations?
  • Does your partner have a pattern of frequent short-term relationships or do they tend to have long term relationships?
  • Are they emotionally unavailable?
  • Do they occasionally ghost you?

Remember what we always say at Melanin Matchmaker, communication is key and as our previous studies have shown, women in particular prefer honesty about intentions.

So, try not to rush into anything and take your time to enjoy the moment of getting to know the person you’re dating. Lastly but not least always know your worth and your boundaries.

Love MM