Find love with a Black Dating App

Find love with a Black Dating App

Going out and meeting your future love interest may be a thing of the past these days. Online dating apps have definitely changed the game as we continue to see not only a rise in the number of people using dating apps but also the number of successful relationships they produce.

As more and more people opt in for staying home and swiping left or right to find the right one, how do Black singles optimize their chances of finding love in this digital world of dating? A black dating app!

An app where your culture, heritage and blackness are celebrated that is dedicated to facilitating connections between Black singles.

Your racial identity is a significant part of who you are so naturally we are invariably attracted to people who share the same Black experience, culture, physical characteristics etc.

This is why a black dating app like Melanin Matchmaker is essential for the black community. The app provides a safe place for black singles to connect and build meaningful relationships without the fetishization that is prevalent on many mainstream dating apps.

Melanin Matchmaker stands out amongst other black dating apps because we consider your romantic intentions, love languages and hobbies, important factors which are often pivotal to developing fulfilling relationships. Additionally, we also have profiles verified by a human to ensure there’s little chances of our users being catfished. I mean, nobody likes a catfish! At Melanin Matchmaker we’re passionate about inspiring love in our communities. Black love is our thing!

Finding love as a black single just got a little easier…Download Melanin Matchmaker today to experience a black dating app at its finest and let’s help you on your black love journey!

Black Dating Sites Paving the Way for Black Singles

We know that navigating through the world of dating is not easy especially when it comes to online dating. And it doesn’t stop there, so many of us still find ourselves trying to decipher profiles to understand if they’re even interested in dating a black person. And then there is the messages you might get that have a negative racial undertone.

No one wants to deal with all of that, when trying to find love! That is why the increase of black dating sites like Melanin Matchmaker are really helping to change the game for black singles.

Melanin Matchmaker’s Got You Covered

At MM we’ve all heard of the horror stories with online dating when it comes to catfishing. Imagine investing all your time and energy into a person and finding out they’re nothing like who you thought they were.

Understanding the nuances of online dating on black dating sites can be a challenge itself, which is why at Melanin Matchmaker we go the extra mile to make it just that little bit easier for our users. We’re one of few black dating sites that has user profiles verified by a human, so all our users can be rest assured their match is really who they say they are.

Some of the benefits of joining a black dating site

Signing up to a black dating site gives you the opportunity to connect with individuals who share the same cultural background in an environment where your race is embraced and appreciated. Your future partner will undoubtedly form a big part of your life so finding a culturally like-minded black single who shares the same interests as you can help you connect with them, their family and friends. Having this will help with building a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Join the UK’s leading black dating site Melanin Matchmaker today. Visit our dating app page to get started.

Here Are Some Great Black Dating Conversation Starters 

Preparing for a first date can be rather daunting and uncomfortable, can’t it? As much as we hope for a fun and exciting date, the lead up to the special day can be a long one. You find yourself thinking about so many scenarios in your head of how the evening will go, what to wear, how to have your hair, what to say and so much more. Well at Melanin Matchmaker, we want to help make dating feel less intimidating, worrying about what to say is the last thing you need worry about. We have come up with a list of black dating conversation starters to not only get you and your date talking but keep the conversation flowing and help you and your date connect with each other. 

Talk About All Things You and Where You’re From 

I mean don’t bore them talking all about yourself but give an overview of your life. Share childhood memories – the good and the bad. Maybe the experiences that have helped shape the person you are today. Also, talk all about your backgrounds, family life, siblings and cultural backgrounds. 

Your Ambitions – Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years 

It’s good to understand each other’s goals. This is a great opportunity to understand if your goals are even aligned. Getting your date to comfortably speak about their dreams and aspirations is another great way of getting to know them on a deeper level. And remember, a goal doesn’t have to be associated with one’s career, it could be as simple as learning an instrument or new language. 

Hobbies – What Do You Do In Your Spare Time Besides Watching Netflix

Sharing what you enjoy and what makes you who you are is vital on a first date. Opening up about your interests can also help create new activities you and your date can do together. This topic sets the stage for you to learn more about your date and in turn they will learn more about you.  

Likes and Interest 

What’s your all-time favourite book? Or maybe talk through the songs you love, the genre of music you enjoy or even what TV shows or movies you recently watched. As you talk through what you both love, it can help you both to see if there are any sparks between you and your date. 

We hope these black dating conversation starters make your first dates just that little bit more interesting. 

Here’s some amazing Black dating ideas sure to get you brownie points!   

Are you bored and running out of ideas for date nights? Whether you are getting to know someone and still in the dating phase or maybe you’re in a relationship, but you’ve reached a plateau (you know that time when everything gets boring and mundane), we’ve got you covered. At Melanin Matchmaker we live by the ethos of making dates be an experience and that applies to all relationships, it does not matter how long you have been with your partner; never stop those date nights! And because we know what it’s like trying to think of things to do on a date our team have collectively tried to pull all our creative juices together to come up with a few black dating ideas that are sure to make your dates eager for more. 

Top 5 Black dating ideas – And remember you can always adapt or tweak some of these concepts to your personality

  1. Prepare a new meal together at home – Work together to bring the recipe to life, set a romantic ambience, make sure conversation is flowing as you cook followed by candlelight and music whilst eating the dinner you both prepared. 
  2. Organise a day filled of fun two-person activities – Like tennis, ping-pong or board games and if you really want to be competitive invite another couple. 
  3. Play tourists in your city – Have you taken advantage of the sites everyone wants to see when they visit? Spend an afternoon visiting all those local landmarks and if you’re fancy, end the day with a nice meal. 
  4. Take a dance class – Learn a new dance technique together, this is bound to bring some laughs to the day especially if you lack rhythm. 
  5. Travel – Explore a new city together (preferably one neither of you have been too).  

So now you have the ideas, get that date pencilled in the diary. And if by some miracle this list didn’t give you any black dating ideas you fancy, hit up our team at Melanin Matchmaker who are always willing to help out and share tips. 

The Black people dating app experience 

We love seeing black love celebrated. Sadly, according to new research a large proportion of black people in the U.K. don’t feel black love or black people are truly represented in mainstream online media. It’s shocking but a quick search of words like ‘romance’ or ‘married couples’ shows the limited images of black people compared to our white counterparts.

This is one of the main reasons we felt the need to develop a black people dating app, our mission is to help inspire love in our community and in turn increase the positive representation of black love in the media. By sharing the successful and positives of black love we aim to change the current narratives of what black love is in our society. 

It’s great to see the introduction of a black people dating app’s like Melanin Matchmaker help change the dating while black experience by cultivating a dating environment where black is considered beautiful. For too long black men and women have had their beauty questioned and considered the least favorable amongst other races on dating platforms. 

So now you’re on a black people dating app where you’re celebrated not tolerated, why not take it to the next level with finding the one?
Are you tired of swiping left or right, exhausted with doing the small talk to see if there’s a spark? Why not give the matchmaking service with
Melanin Matchmaker a try?

We take all the hard work out of the searching process for you and we don’t just make quick matches for the sake of it or encourage a culture of hook-ups, we are dedicated to helping our users build long lasting, fruitful relationships.

Increase your chances of finding ‘the one’ by downloading Melanin Matchmakers black people dating app today. 

The ONLY Black Dating Tips you need  

There is no need to look through any other blog sites because we have got you covered. We will be walking you through the best black dating tips for all our melanated singles out there. 

We understand for many the dating scene is a little hard right now. We’re in this new digital age where everything is so fast paced it can be hard to keep up. And it’s easy to get lost in the sauce of living up to couple goals or being a baddie that you lose focus on what is really needed to cultivate healthy strong relationships.  

At Melanin Matchmaker we’re all about celebrating and encouraging Black love, so here are our black dating tips to help you on your journey to finding black love. 

Take it slow 

We’ve all been victims of falling head of heels and getting caught in someone’s vibe and only later noticing the red flags. So don’t rush, take your time to truly get to know the person you’re dating, ask all the questions, have those long conversations and don’t be shy to challenge them to have those much-needed thought-provoking chats. 

Make an effort 

Put some thought into your dates, we always say dates should be an experience. You want your date to walk away feeling like – that was new or I’ve never experience that before.  

Don’t keep all those eggs in one basket hun 

This really goes without saying for men but far too often women focus all their energy on one person. No, I’m not saying hook up with every person you like but you’re allowed to date and enjoy getting to know different people until you find that one and you’re both clear on your decision to commit to one another.

Be intentional 

When you know you know, right? So, make it clear how wrapped up you are, in that persons vibe. Let them know your intentions. Likewise if you’re not feeling a person be honest, RESPECTFULLY. Life is full of too many stresses; we don’t need to be out here wasting peoples time.

And if you’ve tried following all the black dating tips out there and want some help? Reach out to our matchmaking service team who would love nothing better than to assist you with finding love. They’ll walk with you on your dating journey, taking the time to understand all of your requirements whilst also providing advice and insights to help you find the one.