Dating Whilst Black…Is it Really Harder?

When will you marry? Or this year my prayer, is for you to find your husband. Is a phrase we’re all too familiar with. The pressure in the black community for women to be married with children by the age of 25 is out of this world. Most of us are still trying to figure out who we really are at 25 let alone adding marriage and children into the mix.

You would think that with dating becoming somewhat easier with the introduction of dating apps like Melanin Matchmaker, that dating whilst black would be a lot easier, right? But no!…it’s still considered to be harder for Black men and women to find love. But is that really the reality for the majority, we wonder. OK Cupid Quick Match scores showed that both Black men and women scored` the least favourable out of all the other races. Do you think this is accurate?

We decided to conduct a survey ourselves to truly understand what the dating whilst black user experience is like for our service users. One common theme we did find from users of the many of the common dating app’s was a lot of women encountered some form of racial innuendo from non-black men. With some women left feeling like they were not good enough or were only worthy of helping a man tick of ‘sex with a Black woman’ off his bucket list. However, our study did show that it was a totally different experience for women who subscribed to black only dating apps.

It’s this exact reason why Melanin Matchmaker was invented, we wanted a platform that celebrates black love and all our melanin. Dating whilst black doesn’t need to be hard anymore because on Melanin Matchmaker you know you’re guaranteed to meet like-minded people who not only love being black but love dating black. So, if you haven’t made the switch yet, why not do it today? Your future love is just a swipe away on Melanin Matchmaker’s black dating app.