Dating Gems for Black Singles

The dating landscape for black singles has gradually changed over the past couple of decades. Gone are the days of needing to wait around for that phone call, these days just a text or message on Insta will do. No need to plan or organise anything well in advance. Anyone you want to talk to is just a click away. Heck, now you can easily slide into your celebrity crush’s DM’s and they just might respond! And if you want to know what your crush is doing or who they’re with, no need to wonder. You can check out their Snapchat or Instagram, and it’s all there for you to see. For some black singles it can feel like our dating interactions now, require very little effort which can make dating feel much more complicated than it once was. Also, with so many options available to black singles, the idea of “settling” can become less appealing. And the absence of real communication and connections being built it’s a lot easier to fall into the hook up culture. Here at Melanin Matchmaker we want black love to be celebrated in our communities and strive to create an environment for fruitful and lasting relationships to be cultivated for black singles in our communities. We’re not about encouraging the hook up lifestyle.

Some Dating Gems to Consider

Put In the Effort: Just having a pretty face or body won’t cut it anymore. Can you stimulate the mind with conversation? Spend time reading profiles and show interest in their likes and dislikes, sometimes send the first message and reply to messages and engage.

Don’t Be Too Pretentious in Your Profile: Keep it real and Lead with your strengths.

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures. Show a variety of photos of yourself doing different things. This gives an insight into your interest. And studies have shown the more pictures you have the more confident people feel that it’s really you.

Don’t Allow Online Conversations to Drag on Too Long: After about 2 weeks or a few messages (whatever you are comfortable with), you might want to suggest a video call of some sort. Otherwise, you potentially risk wasting your time and building up an idea of the other person that isn’t based on reality.

If you’re a black single looking for love, why not download the Melanin Matchmaker black dating app today and become a part of the latest exciting black dating network inspiring love in our communities.