Black Love and All It’s Beauty

Love itself is a universal language that each of us experience and define in so many different ways. But when you add our melanin to it, black love becomes a whole new form filled with so much history and rich traditions that’s passed down to each generation.

From the beginning of time if we look back, Black love has been one of resilience. Even during slavery, love was the greatest protest for slaves. Despite the fact it was illegal to be married, slaves still found a way to form a family and have a ceremony to signify their commitment to one another. Whether it be jumping the broom or celebrating and blessing their union in front of God, Black love was one of joy that brought togetherness despite all the obstacles they faced.

But what does black love look like in today’s society? For us black love is loving your partner whilst being unapologetically black and championing black excellence. Black love is a special kind of love due to our lived experiences that is unique to us. It’s a powerful force when it comes together, and our love is one to be proud off.  We are lucky to not live in a time where there are restrictions or constraints put in on how we love, so we should make sure to fully embrace and allow ourselves to fully love our partners from the depths of our soul showing the world the true richness and beauty of black love.

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