Black dating for free – Connect with Black singles near you today

Melanin Matchmaker is a dating app for Men and Women of colour. Join our database and connect with thousands of likeminded singles also looking to form long lasting relationships. If you’re looking for an app that allows black dating for free then look no further you’ve come to the right place! Online dating can be used as a great way for finding a person that matches your specific requirements when you’re looking to find love. At Melanin Matchmaker not only have we created a fun user experience for black singles to search and date for free but we’ve also taken a few extra steps to ensure our singles do find love.

Here are some of the added benefits you’ll enjoy with Melanin Matchmaker

1. We’re committed to fostering a culture where black people are not only celebrated but black love is encouraged. Melanin Matchmaker is relationship focused and does not encourage a hook-up culture.

2. All profiles on the platform are encouraged to be verified by our team. For us, human verification of profiles allows us to confirm people are who they say they are. Profiles that have been verified by the team have a badge so they can clearly be identified.

3. We provide an in-house personal matchmaking service which gives our users a more private and intimate experience allowing our team to get a better understanding of member requirements along with likes and dislikes. This allows us to have more informed decisions when suggesting profile matching.

4. As you know, we’re passionate about black love. There is no sign-up fee when joining Melanin Matchmaker as we want to ensure we encourage black dating for free. We do however have a range of profile feature upgrades to choose from. For example, we have the incognito pass which allows you to only be seen by the people you’ve liked. Additionally, you can choose passes that filter profiles seen by preferences like religion or height, you can choose to a pass to boost your profile and so much more.

Eager to find out more about Melanin Matchmaker, why not join us today. Learn more about our black dating app.