Black dating – Debunking the common misconceptions

There are common misconceptions society has created about black dating which has impacted the whole dating game for the black community. There also seems to be this myth that finding the right man is hard for Black women — but that is so far from the truth. Yet it’s a theme commonly portrayed in popular culture, almost as if there is a crisis and it’s echoed through the very clear lack of black love representation in the media especially in the UK.

So we’re here to set the record straight and our thousands of Melanated Lovers agree it’s time to put an end to these misconceptions. So let’s get into correcting our top 3 myths about black dating:

Black men don’t date educated black women

News stories about Black marriages often mention that more Black women pursue higher education than Black men—by a 2-to-1 ratio, according to some estimates but this doesn’t reduce their chances of marrying. – Among Black women, 70% of university graduates ae married by the age of 40.

Black women don’t marry

We’re inundated with commentary about the statistics showing the disparity in the number of black women getting married compared to all other races.

Successful black men prefer to marry outside of their race

Whilst we may see plenty of musicians, athletes and other celebrities may choose to date or marry interracially when they achieve fame, this isn’t always the case for the bulk of other successful Black men. According to an African Community Survey, 85 percent of degree educated Black men, married Black women. 

I think we can all agree that there is a lack of representation of successful black marriages in the media and it’s all our jobs to help change that. Black love is couple goals too. If you haven’t joined Melanin Matchmaker, what are you waiting for? Join our black dating app today to find your black love.