All Things Black Love and What Healthy Loving Looks Like

Romantic black love is such a beautiful thing, right? The butterflies you get at the sound of their name or the feeling like nothing else matters when you’re in their presence. To be loved the right way can truly make you feel alive. When it comes to love, some people might say it is the one most important human emotion. Yet even though it is claimed to be one of the most studied behaviours, it is still the least understood. 
But when it comes to black love the little representation of successful black relationships in our communities and in the media made it seem like something farfetched. For far too long many of us have accepted the misconception of black love being hard or painful. It was as if the more someone puts you through hell and you endure, the deeper your love bond is. However, over the past few years it has been refreshing to see more representations of healthy black relationships showcasing and celebrating black love. Couples showing society that black love doesn’t have to be painful and black love does exist despite the statistics. At Melanin Matchmaker we are passionate about not only showcases black love in our communities but building an environment that cultivates more healthy black relationships. 

We have learnt that healthy black love is trusting, it is kind, compassionate and genuine. When one engages in a healthy relationship you seek to understand you partner and their point of view to ensure you have resolution over conflict. Additionally, both you and your partner will go out of your way to ensure there is trust amongst yourselves. Healthy black love in a nutshell is simply real…no faking. It is pure with no ulterior motives for one’s personal gain. 

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