10 reasons why you shouldn’t send nudes via a dating app

Sending a naked selfie (nudes) whilst getting to know someone via a dating app seems to be the in thing right now, but what a lot of people aren’t considering, are the long-term implications of this momentary decision that can stalk you for a lifetime.

If the person you are talking to requests this, you do not have to oblige them. Do not feel pressured into sending nudes just because you like someone and don’t want to disappoint them. The right person will continue getting to know you regardless of whether you send nudes.

Your private parts are private, at MM we think it’s best to keep them that way…private!

woman using dating app in the bath

Here are 10 good reasons you should never send nudes via a dating app:

1. It could impact your future
If you’re planning on doing great things with your future, you’d be better off avoiding nudes altogether. The sad truth is that leaked or leveraged nudes are a very real potential and can destroy your career. Don’t put yourself in this position.

2. If you send one, you’ll probably need to send more

Okay, so you gave in and sent the nudes. But, how can you be sure that’ll be the last request for nudes? Chances are the little taster you provided will has left your ‘friend’ wanting to see what else you’ve got going for you

3. Chances are you don’t want to send nudes

If you’re sending nudes because someone asked you to send one, chances are you’re doing it for the recipient, not for yourself. If you have to think twice about something, then you probably shouldn’t do it. And anyone who doesn’t respect that is probably not worth your time.

4. Your nudes are likely to be shared with others
Before sending a nude, consider the consequences. The person might promise that they’ll never share it with anyone, but you have no way of knowing whether they’ll keep this promise for a lifetime.

The person may decide to share it with their friends or post it on social media. This might not happen right away. Nudes are often shared long after they’ve been sent, for example, after an argument or a breakup.

5. There’s no taking it back once you hit ‘send’

Once you hit ‘send’ on your nudes, you relinquish all control over them. They’re out in the world and you can’t take them back no matter how badly you may want to.

6. The internet is an unpredictable place
When people go viral, they often have no control over it. Over and over again we have seen nudes go viral, often not posted by the person who took the picture initially. Revenge porn is a life ruiner, it’s responsible for mental health issues and can affect one’s career. This alone is a great reason not to send nudes via a dating app.

7. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship

Healthy relationships allow both parties to express themselves freely, with respect and consent. If you are getting to know someone who does not respect your preference to not send nudes then this could be a sign that this relationship is not for you. 

8. Your nudes could be used to harass you

Unfortunately, there have been cases where nudes have been used as blackmail to force someone into giving in to their demands. For example, someone may threaten to share the nudes publically if the person in the nude does not send them money.

9. Some things are best left to IRL circumstances

‘Good things come to those who wait’..sometimes. There’s something to be said about surprises or leaving some things to the imagination. If you’ve given it all away then who’s to say they’ll maintain the same level of interest once you’ve shared an avalanche of nudes?

10. It’s not good for your mental health

Sending nudes often does very little for making us feel good, in fact, it often leaves people feeling rubbish or in regret.

If this is you, listen to your instinct. You’re worth more than your naked body.

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